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Welcome to M3 Tier 1 Coaching. You've made a great choice to begin pursuing the life you were meant for, the life of your dreams.


Tier 1 Coaching consists of two lessons. The first lesson is A Worthy Ideal. The second lesson is The Knowing Doing Gap. Both of these are the most critical steps to achieving the life you truly desire.


A Worthy Ideal is designed to locate your true goal and to educate you about what goals are, how they are set and why it is so important to have the right goal for you.


The Knowing Doing Gap will get you on your way to achieving your goal immediately. You will discover that you already know how to do many (if not all) of the things necessary to achieve your goal as you learn about how you are programmed subconsciously. You will discover the subconscious programming you have that is stopping you from taking action toward your goal and learn how to reprogram yourself to take positive action every day and you will see yourself beginning to achieve your dream.


It's an amazing experience.


First things first, schedule your orientation here. On your orientation you will learn what is expected of you and you can ask any questions you may have.


Second, schedule your bonus coaching call with Matt here. This call is to be scheduled after you have completed your entire Tier 1 Coaching, so schedule it for four weeks after the very first day you begin your Tier 1 Coaching. This call will guide you to further success in achieving the life of your dreams. Matt is a master at this, so don't miss this opportunity as his schedule fills up quickly.


Here are the rules for completing your daily lessons:


1. Work on the first lesson, A Worthy Ideal, for two weeks before moving to the second lesson, The Knowing Doing Gap.


2. Watch the video associated with the lesson you are on twice a day, every day, for two weeks.


3. Do the worksheet associated with the lesson you are on once a day, every day for two weeks.


4. Once you have completed your two weeks with lesson 1, begin lesson 2 and continue studying in the same daily manner, watching your video twice a day and completing your worksheet once a day for two weeks.


5. Record your daily studies on your Accountability Sheet.


Tier 1 is consists of 4 weeks of total coaching. 


Be diligent, stick to the format and you will be amazed as you see yourself and your life change for the better. Most of all, have fun and enjoy yourself while doing your work. Being happy and having fun is what a truly successful life is about and YOU my friend are now on the path to living the life of your dreams!


Let’s begin!


A Worthy Ideal





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