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What IS a Mindset Coach??

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

We're seeing it more and more. Celebrities, top athletes, successful entrepreneurs are all referring to Mindset Coaching and how it helped them achieve their next level of performance, reach their goals and live the life they really want. But what is a Mindset Coach exactly? What do they do to help others improve their performance and thus improve their lives and how does a Mindset Coach do what they do?

In order to understand what a Mindset Coach is we must first break down the word "Mindset". Often times a surface understanding of the word mindset can lead one to believe that it's only about something you are choosing to think. Although it is about something you are choosing to think, it's much more than just pumping ourselves up or getting motivated or mental toughness. While Mindset Coaching can entail these things, they are just the tip of the iceberg and actually stem from a much deeper mental place.

So let's break it down... Mindset... "Mind" and "Set".

Mind is a term we use to describe the means by which we do our thinking in this world, while we are in this body. We know it exists because we all do it, but understanding mind can be a bit tricky because no one has ever seen the mind. Mind is an activity and it exists far beyond the brain. To keep it simple, we can think of our mind as the means to which we form and shape images into thoughts that become feelings and thus move us into action.

Mind is kind of like magnets. You know there is something going on in between the two magnets but you will never actually see the thing that's happening. Only the effects of the magnets can be seen. Mind, too, will never be seen. Only it's effects.

Our senses are hooked up to our conscious mind. This is where we experience seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting. We also have other mental faculties within our conscious mind such as Perception, Will, Imagination, Memory, Reason and Intuition.

We use all these tools to experience our world through the encompassing label of Mind. And, unknowingly to many, we also use these tools to create our world.

On a deeper level, Mind is what we use to receive and set the vibrations we experience. The word vibration just refers to frequencies of energy. The more common term is "feeling". Feeling is a word we invented to describe the frequencies of energy vibrations we are experiencing.

The trick with mind is that we think we do most of the things we do because we choose to do them but, in fact (science), we do not. Most of what we do, 96-98%, comes from our habits which are also stored in our mind and in order to get the type of lifelong change most people are desiring we must work at the level of habit.

Habits are just beliefs expressed in behavioral patterns. They cause us to do things with little or no conscious thought. So, in order to make the type of lasting change a person wants, a mindset coach will create awareness first. After all, how could you ever change something you are unaware of?

Once the awareness is made, a whole other side of mind is revealed. We call it the subconscious mind and a good mindset coach will help to reveal this deeper level of mind and then begin the process of changing it until it provides the desired results.

So a good mindset coach will first teach about the mind, help increase awareness, and then they will begin to work on the second part of the word mindset which is "set".

Set means to place something or someone in a particular place or to place in a particular position or posture. In the case of Mindset it is referring to where we are setting our habitual vibration or feeling in order to achieve a desired result in our lives.

The reason most people do not achieve the life they want is because they do not understand that the setting of the mind (in relation to the goal), is the most important part.

People will continue to struggle so long as they do not understand that no matter what we are told to do, or what we are telling ourselves to do, it has little or no effect on the results we are getting in our lives if it remains only as a conscious thought.

This misunderstanding is the reason why so many New Year's Resolutions are not kept. Sound familiar?

In order to make lasting, permanent change in one's life these conscious thoughts and feelings must be successfully moved into the subconscious mind. You can think of your subconscious mind as your "emotional" or "feeling" mind. It is where all your habits and beliefs are stored.

Think about speaking. Once you've learned a language, you just feel the need to say something and then you do it. You don't have to consciously think about forming the words that are coming out of your mouth. You didn't come into this world knowing how to speak. You had to consciously think about it and practice until it became a subconscious habit.

In order to achieve the success, you must move (set) what you want from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind as a habit.

To set something into the subconscious mind, it must be felt. This is why we often refer to our subconscious mind as our "heart. Not only must it be felt, it must be felt enough times so that the feeling becomes natural and automatic. Just like walking, talking and reading. Once this is done you have successfully established a habit and you will reap the benefits of that habit forever, or at least until you choose to change it.

Setting the goal in the subconscious mind, the heart, as a habit is kind of like adjusting the thermostat of your house. Once the thermostat is set it will maintain the temperature on it's own, even if someone opens a window or a door. Once the goal or feeling is set in the form of a habit, it will maintain the results naturally, regardless of the conditions of your life.

This is why multi-millionaires can lose their fortune and gain it back again quickly or why a healthy and fit person will get back in shape fast, if ever they happen to fall out of shape. Sadly, this is also why bad and abusive relationships will repeat themselves over and over even though they are no longer with the same person.

Good Mindset coaching will teach you how to use your conscious mind to generate the feeling you desire in association to what you want and make it a natural part of your being. Thus, moving the goal, the life, the dream you've always wanted, from a conscious idea to a subconscious habit, the place from where it will be achieved and maintained in your life.

This is what true mindset coaching is and does.

What can mindset coaching help you with?




Health and fitness





Financial Freedom

In short anything a person can conceive and feel often enough to create a habit. By the way, finding the feeling of what you want is usually not the most challenging part of changing your life. Creating the habit is.

Mindset coaching is about persistence which comes from mentoring and accountability. A great mindset coach will provide both of these because they know that without them, the persistence necessary to truly change your life is much less likely when going it alone. Mentoring and accountability is the #1 reason so many people fail and live lives way beneath the levels of happiness, health, money and relationships they deserve.

A great place to start your mindset coaching journey is by learning How To Set A Goal That Cannot Fail. Grab the first module of my life-changing program The M3 Dream here now and learn this unknown, mind-blowing simple shift in goal-setting that will teach you how to easily and consistently set goals and achieve them while living a life you really love.

If you'd like to dig a little deeper in a one on one coaching session to fast track your success, schedule a call with me here.

Did this information motive you? Want to stay motivated? Drop your email address below and make sure you never miss another opportunity to live the life you want.

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