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Finding Your Limiting Belief



Finding limiting beliefs is not as difficult as many think. It doesn't require years of psychiatric analysis or some form of hypnosis by a trained professional.

All you've got to do is follow the 4 steps below and answer the few simple questions in each step as real and honestly as you can. However, you need to devote as much of your attention to this belief locating exercise as you possibly can. Right here, right now.


You will get out of this what you put into it. If you wind up with nothing at the end then you've (for some reason or another) not been able to put the necessary effort into it.


That's ok.


It happens and that's why for some it is very important to go through this process in a conversation, with someone asking the questions either face to face or on the other end of a phone call or zoom. Being involved in the conversation this way increases focus and can be the key to getting to the heart of the matter.


Needless to say, you're not going to effectively accomplish this in the middle of making dinner for the kids or during a commercial break from your current TV program or podcast.


So, before you get started, make sure you've set some "me" time aside where you can devote your full attention to this. I promise you, if you put your whole self into this, you'll be glad you did.

Step One:

Find your future "Where"


As in, where do you want to go? Pick a future destination. Choose something you'd really like to accomplish in your life that you will focus on throughout this entire exercise.


This is not difficult, but you must choose something you really want to do in your life that has a lot of meaning for you. You cannot choose something that you've already done and you can't choose something that you could easily do. It has to be something you've never done, and currently, you don't know how to do.

And, you've really got to want to do it. Accomplishing it would have a huge positive impact on you life.


So, what do you want to do?


It's ok to answer this question with something that you want to accomplish this year or something that you want to do with your life. Either answer works so long as you really want it.

If you need help finding this answer, ask yourself the following questions:


If I were to leave this world now, what would be the thing I would regret not doing the most?

If money were no object, what would I choose to devote my life to?

What people do I aspire to be more like and what do they do that I admire so much?

A year from today, when I'm looking back, what needs to happen for me so that I can say this was the most successful year for me yet?

It's very important to not spend time here thinking about what you can do or how you would ever do the thing. If you do try to figure out how you will do it or choose something you already know how to do, you will kill this whole process on this first question.

So dive deep. Let the fantasy flow and come up with an answer from within you that means a lot to you. One that brings a smile to your face and yet feels quite a bit out of reach for you as you view yourself to be today.

Step Two:

Find your future "Why"


As in, why do you want to do this?

What does succeeding in this area mean for you? What happens for you in your life when you do this? Why do you want it?

A simple example here is wanting to earn more money. No one wants to earn more money just to stack the money up around them. 

The money represents something. It represents experiences. 

Answering the "Why" in relation to money could be about describing the experiences you want to have from the increase in money in your life. What would the money allow you to do that you currently do not do?

What will achieving your future where allow you to experience that you do not currently get to experience?

Step Three:

Find your current "Where"


As in, where are you now in relation to your future where?


What are you currently doing in this area of your life?


And, what are you currently doing to achieve what you want in this area of your life?

If your goal was to earn more money then the way to best answer this question is by stating the amount of money you are earning now. Followed by what you are doing now to earn more money.

If your goal was to be extremely fit, then the best way to answer this question is by stating how fit you consider yourself now and how much time and effort you're currently devoting to your health and fitness.

It's ok if your answer to "What are you doing now to achieve this?" is "Nothing". There's a reason for that and we're getting to it but don't bother feeling bad, it doesn't help. Stick with this exercise to the end so you can find the belief. The belief is the real reason you are taking little or no action toward what you want. Not because you're lazy.

However if you quit on this exercise, I'll call you lazy. Ok, I won't, but keep going. You're about to find an answer that will change your life forever.

Step four:


Find your current "Why"


As in, why are you choosing to stay where you are currently?


And, what's stopping you from moving forward?

Now is the time to get serious with yourself and start peeling back the layers. It's not enough to say "I don't have the money","It's my job","It's this person","It's the world".

Here's why you can't get off the hook that easily. If you give the power to something outside of you, something in your world, you will never realize and discover what you need to address within you, and in the end, you are the only thing you have control over.


You can't force something outside of you to change. You are and always will be the only thing you can change. 


Believe me when I tell you that you are all you will need to change. You have all the power necessary to accomplish anything you want and once you change you, your world will change.


If you give the power to the world, and blame something or someone else here in this fourth step, the world will always win when it comes to you and what you really want to do in this life, and you will remain the same. Stuck.

You've got to take that power back right now, and we're going to do it by breaking down what you want to do (your future where) into some smaller steps.

Here's how:

I want you to visualize yourself as having already accomplished your future where. You are now doing what you stated you wanted to do way back in step one.


Ask yourself what a typical day looks like for you in this successful state.

What is your daily routine? What tasks are your days made up of? Who do you meet with? Where do you go? What are your daily habits in this successful state?

Now, ask yourself if you could do any of those things right now?

If the answer is yes, you can do those things now, then make the committed decision to do one of them, now. Go into action, set your plan and commit to it now. Get a piece of paper, write out what you are going to do and when you are going to do it.


Do this now before you read any further. 




















Now it's time to observe. It's time to step outside of you and just notice you.


Notice what feelings you are having. What is coming up? What did this commitment cause you to feel?

Did you feel...

I am too busy... I am afraid... I will fail... It's too risky... I can't do it...?

You've got to find your "I" statement here. What are you feeling about you?

Get to the heart of this and you will have found a powerful belief that is holding you back in your life. This belief, this feeling you are noticing is what's stopping you and you've just discovered it. 


These beliefs are the basis of who we think we are and are not. What we think we are capable and incapable of. They keep us stuck, right where we are and they do it in an almost unseen and covert fashion.

If never looked directly in the eye and faced, these beliefs will keep us stuck for our entire lives.

And you can never look it directly in the eye if you never discover it and you, my friend, have just discovered it.

Remember, this is not about judgement. Right now this is simply about noticing and discovering. A bringing to the surface, if you will.


We all have these beliefs. They create our lives. When we judge ourselves negatively for these beliefs then we abandon the process and leave the belief as it is and never get to the heart of how to change it so we can have the life we really want.

As we go deeper into some bonus steps, I want to encourage you to look at yourself from the outside. Look at yourself from the point of view of someone who loves and cares for you and is wanting to find the solution.

Bonus Step five:

Find the cost


What is it really costing you to not change this belief?

Think back on your life and honestly assess the other areas of your life this limiting belief has affected. It will help you to find these areas of your life by jotting down answers to the following questions:


What's this belief costing me with my health, my relationships, my career etc.? All areas of my life...

How long has this belief been a part of my life?

Who else is in my life is this belief affecting?

What happens for me if I don't change this belief in the next 12 months?

What will my life be like if I never change this belief?

If you answer these questions as honestly as you can you will have a much clearer picture as to how this belief is affecting and has affected your life.

I want you to know that if you've made it this far, you can be proud of yourself. Most people are unwilling to take this deep of a look into their beliefs and assess them. And, this is the #1 reason most of the world stays stuck and will remain stuck their whole lives.


You can't go somewhere (better) if you first don't understand where you are now. You're forever doomed to stumble around in the dark tripping over the same obstacles again and again.


What you've just gone through is not an easy process and if you've given your all to it, you will have stirred some serious emotion inside of you. That's ok. That's what this is about. Peeling back the layers and having an honest look so we can begin the process of improving, getting what we want and living a much happier and fulfilling life.

One last question to bring this whole exercise full circle. To bring understanding to why you would go to all the trouble of discovering your limiting belief in the first place.


Ask yourself...

What happens in your life when you change this limiting belief to a positive belief?

And now you see why this entire exercise is so important. You have clarity. You have direction. Focus.

Belief is a tricky thing. We don't always want to face it or share it. So we use different words if ever we have to express our beliefs to others. But belief isn't words, it's feeling. It's automatic feeling, so without an exercise like this, we can go our whole lives without even noticing that we believe something that is keeping us from doing what we really want to do in this life.

Belief dictates how you show up in your world and what shows up for you and it can be changed. Once your belief is changed, you and your world changes.

You have the power to create any belief you choose and thus, create anything you want.


If you're serious about getting rid of your limiting belief that's kept you stuck in struggle and confusion for far too long and you're ready to make a real and permanent difference in your life, the next step below will take you there.


Enter the info in the form below and you will receive an email or text giving you the instructions on how to connect with me for a 15-30 minute meeting where you and I together will create a path to success for you.

In the email, I will give you a code so I know where you are coming from, along with any available time I have within the times you've indicated in the form. I will waive any consulting fees, and together we will discover your steps to changing your belief and your life. 

4 Simple Steps To Find The Belief That's Keeping You Stuck

So You Can Stop The Struggle And Get On With Living The Life You Want

Change belief, change your life...

“I worked way too hard for too many years, all for minimal pay before meeting Matt and learning that my struggle wasn't against the world, it was against my belief. By learning how to find my limiting beliefs and change them, I've created the life and business of my dreams and it grows every day. I now know how to create the life I want whenever I want."


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