A Worthy Ideal

You would agree that the most important thing you would do on any journey is to define where you are going. After all, you don't get in your car without a destination. Nothing is more important than defining where you want to go in life and yet, if you stop and ask most people what they want to do with their life, most will tell you they do not know... Strange, isn't it.

If by chance you come across someone who can answer the question of where they want to go in life, all you have to do is ask them if they've written it down and again, most times you will find that they have not.

Goals are destinations. They're misunderstood by most. They are not for getting things. They are for growing.

This would imply that you do not know how to reach your goal, so it a longer journey. If you were taking a longer journey in your car to a place you've never been before, wouldn't you have the journey mapped out in some way.

Again, then why don't we do this with the goals we want for our life.

The answer is conditioning. We have been conditioned that if we want something and we do not know how to get it and we are asked "How are you going to do that?" and we cannot answer that question then we are foolish. We are acting childish. We are not being realistic and we should be ashamed.

Not true. Think about the Wright Brothers. When they made their decision to create a machine that would fly, no one had ever done that and they were ridiculed. Now look what they accomplished and look at the world they opened up for you and I. What if they would have listened to the reason of those around them?





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